Rec: Kimi ga Naita Hi

Synonyms REC-君が泣いた日-, REC - The Day You Cried, Kira-fuwa Kiss, Kira-fuwa Xmas, Kirafuwa Christmas

Released Nov 02, 2010


Drama School Romance Shoujo

Author(s) Makino, Aoi

Artist(s) Makino, Aoi

Rating 8.01 /10 by 3,615 users myanimelist

Views 893

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line This series is a sequel of the one-shot Ao no Tsubasa. Aizawa Minami is a girl who has never cried in her life. She's awkward with her feelings, and she carries a camcorder to film everything she likes. Because of her quirks, she's labeled as a freak and alienated by her classmates. Satoru is her classmate and a recently retired teen actor who understands her. They quickly become friends, but what Minami doesn't know is that Satoru is hiding his secret from the world... (Source: KakerA Translations) Included one-shots: Kira-fuwa Kiss, Kira-fuwa Xmas


Wakabayashi, Satoru Wakabayashi, Satoru
Aizawa, Minami Aizawa, Minami

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