Gangsta:Cursed.: EP_Marco Adriano

Synonyms GANGSTA:CURSED. EP_MARCO ADRIANO, Gangsta Cursed Episode Marco Adriano

Released Apr 09, 2014


Action Drama Seinen

Author & Artist Kamo, Syuhei

Rating 8.02 /10 by 811 users myanimelist

Views 977

Status19 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Spin-off from Kohske's original Gangsta. series. Gangsta:Cursed. explores the history and current exploits of Cristiano family executive, Marco Adriano.


Adriano, Marco Adriano, Marco Striker Striker Maverick Maverick Beretta Beretta Raveau, Constance Raveau, Constance Brown, Nicolas Brown, Nicolas Arcangelo, Worick Arcangelo, Worick Delico Delico Paulklee, Gina Paulklee, Gina Woehor, Galahad Woehor, Galahad