Durarara!! Saika-hen

Synonyms デュラララ!! 罪歌編, Drrr!! A Song of Sins Compilation

Released Sep 17, 2011


Action Drama Supernatural Shounen Comedy Romance

Author Narita, Ryohgo

Artist Satorigi, Akiyo

Rating 8.07 /10 by 1,789 users myanimelist

Views 3,572

Status16 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Ikebukuro, Tokyo—a neighborhood where twisted love prowls!! A series of street slashings in Ikebukuro begins to connect total strangers: A teenage girl with no personality of her own; a beat writer for a third-rate tabloid; a teacher suspected of harassment; an informant based in Shinjuku…and a headless rider straddling a pitch-black motorcycle!! Meanwhile, the slasher continues to terrorize the night, all in search of…"him"!? (Source: Yen Press)