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Toaru Soragoto, Boku no Himitsu

Synonyms とある空言、ボクの秘密

Released Oct 01, 2006



Author(s) Hatoya, Nao

Rating 8.04 / 71 vote(s)

Views 687


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Story Line High School student Shouta has been gifted with a remarkable ability - he is able to see and hear the "Paradox", the normally invisible personification of one's real feelings and thoughts, by which one is always accompanied. But what to do if someone's Paradox always wears an eerie mask, calls for help weakly or has grown to immense height? And what does it mean when somebody has not only one, but three Paradox at the same time? With the help of his own Paradox Shouta tries to find the answers to these questions, but the answers are not always pleasant ones.

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