Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku

Synonyms Marieの奏でる音楽, The Music of Marie

Released Dec 10, 1999


Drama Fantasy Seinen Romance

Author(s) Furuya, Usamaru

Artist(s) Furuya, Usamaru

Rating 8.05 /10 by 2,371 users myanimelist

Views 1,593

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line An incredibly rich and fascinating world that is full of wonders and enchanting beauties—a world in which men are watched over by the mechanical goddess Marie who at times appears on the sky. Marie's music brings people happiness and harmony. Their life is free from advanced technology and the longing for progress. The story centers around Kai, a young man who develops a deep affection for Marie. His quest for enlightenment leads him inside Marie's mechanical body where he learns the unbelievable truth about her and his own world. (Source: Kotonoha, edited)

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