Hetalia Axis Powers

Synonyms ヘタリア Axis Powers, Hetalia: Comic Diary

Released Mar 28, 2008


Historical Comedy

Author & Artist Himaruya, Hidekaz

Rating 8.13 /10 by 7,664 users myanimelist

Views 6,965

Status46 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Think of it like WWII, except every country is a pretty boy instead. A hilariously stereotypical pretty boy. America loves burgers, Russia is into the vodka, and China has pandas and a wok. It is centered mostly around Italy, who has both a North and South character. The Hetaria portion of the name is probably mocking Italy, as Hetare means useless. (Source: MU)


United Kingdom United Kingdom North Italy North Italy Russia Russia America America Germany Germany Japan Japan China China Prussia Prussia France France South Italy South Italy

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