Sasameki Koto

Synonyms ささめきこと, Kamisama to Dance

Released Jan 27, 2007


Drama Seinen Comedy School Romance Shoujo Ai

Author & Artist Ikeda, Takashi

Rating 8.13 /10 by 5,458 users myanimelist

Views 2,770

Status55 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line This manga is about two best friends: Sumika Murasame and Ushio Kazama. Ushio has a seemingly endless series of crushes on other girls—specifically, on cute girls. She's oblivious to the fact that her athletic, sarcastic and distinctly *un*cute friend Sumika is in love with her. When a couple of girls in their class realize their feelings and form a club just for girls who like girls, things to seem like they're beginning to improve... Included one-shot: Volume 6: Kamisama to Dance


Murasame, Sumika Murasame, Sumika Kazama, Ushio Kazama, Ushio Hachisuka, Tomoe Hachisuka, Tomoe Aoi, Azusa Aoi, Azusa Akemiya, Masaki Akemiya, Masaki Torioi, Kiyori Torioi, Kiyori Munchausen, Charlotte Munchausen, Charlotte Semimaru, Mayu Semimaru, Mayu Matsubara, Koino Matsubara, Koino Akemiya, Manaka Akemiya, Manaka

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