Synonyms 피노키오

Released Apr 06, 2011


Supernatural Comedy Romance

Author & Artist Maru

Rating 8.14 /10 by 1,098 users myanimelist

Views 2,433

Status99 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Choi Ha Ram, your typical high schooler, decides to buy a necklace on a whim, however, unknown to both her and the ghost of Yu Ga On, whoever wears it is able to see Yu Ga On, who seems to have no recollection of his past. What are the circumstances behind his death? What is his connection to the necklace? And just who is the mysterious yet familiar new neighbor of hers?


Yu, Ga On Yu, Ga On Choi, Ha Ram Choi, Ha Ram Ha, Park Ha, Park Jung, Eden Jung, Eden Han, Bit Han, Bit

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