Full Moon wo Sagashite

Synonyms 満月〈フルムーン〉をさがして, Searching for the Full Moon, Ginyuu Meika

Released Dec 01, 2001


Drama Supernatural Fantasy Comedy Romance Shoujo Music Magic

Author & Artist Tanemura, Arina

Rating 8.14 /10 by 15,263 users myanimelist

Views 1,687

Status38 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Twelve-year-old Mitsuki wants to be a singer because of a promise she made with her childhood love, however a form of throat cancer is holding her back. One day she find two strange characters in her room, Takuto and Meroko, who are gods of death. She finds out she only has a certain amount of time to live, and wants nothing more in that time then to become a singer. The two shinigami show sympathy for her, and decide to help her reach her goal by transforming her into a 16-year-old girl. (Source: ANN) Included one-shot: Volume 2: Ginyuu Meika