Shakugan no Shana

Synonyms 灼眼のシャナ, Shana of the Burning Eyes

Released Nov 09, 2002


Action Drama Supernatural Fantasy School Romance

Artist Itou, Noizi

Author Takahashi, Yashichiro

Rating 8.15 /10 by 1,463 users myanimelist

Views 525

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Invaders from the Crimson Realm have descended upon Earth looking for something called the Power of Existence. Whoever possesses this power will control the very fabric of existence. To the rescue comes an otherworldly young girl with fire in her eyes. She may be cute and petite, but she's endowed with enough preternatural strength to save the entire universe. Plus, she's got a really big sword! (Source: VIZ Media)


Shana Shana Sakai, Yuuji Sakai, Yuuji Carmel, Wilhelmina Carmel, Wilhelmina Hecate Hecate Daw, Margery Daw, Margery Nbh'w, Khamsin Nbh'w, Khamsin Yoshida, Kazumi Yoshida, Kazumi Alastor Alastor Marchosias Marchosias Sairei no Hebi Sairei no Hebi

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