Kimi wa Pet

Synonyms きみはペット, My Pet Momo, You are my Pet

Released May 08, 2000


Drama Comedy Romance Josei

Author & Artist Ogawa, Yayoi

Rating 8.15 /10 by 5,983 users myanimelist

Views 1,788

Status82 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Fed-up with a life of being under-appreciated and disrespected, Sumire Iwaya decides to change things when she picks up a young boy off the street and brings him into her house. Despite being total opposites, the two seem to complement one another as they try to carve out an ordinary life for themselves. (Source: TokyoPop)


Gouda, Takeshi Gouda, Takeshi Hasumi, Shigehito Hasumi, Shigehito Sukenari, Edmond Sukenari, Edmond Iwaya, Sumire Iwaya, Sumire Shirotae, Yuri Shirotae, Yuri

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