Ruler of the Land

Synonyms 열혈강호, Burning Blood Kangho, Yul Hyul Gang Ho, Yul Hyul Kang Ho, Yulgang, Sabre & Dragon, Yeolhyeol Gangho

Released Jan 01, 1995


Action Drama Fantasy Comedy Romance Ecchi Martial Arts

Author(s) Jeon, Geuk-jin

Artist(s) Yang, Jae Hyun

Rating 8.16 /10 by 1,826 users myanimelist

Views 22,466

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Bi-Kwang is a handsome young warrior who becomes a drooling mess whenever he sees a pretty girl. Out on the road he meets an extraordinary swordfighter with no name who is searching for a legendary master warrior. Bi-Kwang promises to aid the swordfighter if he lets Bi-Kwang meet his beautiful sister. Of course, it turns out the swordfighter is the sister, Hwa-Rin Dahm, and she must switch identities to keep the plot moving along. Bi-Kwang is immediately smitten, and thus we have a triangle involving only two people. The story takes place in a setting in each side is trying to unify the Murim as a whole, and while this is taking place, Bi-Kwang who is extremely good at learning martial arts but doesn't want to learn it, gets into a deal where he takes the girl to see her grand father since he was the last person to see him before he disappeared and on the way he encounters many enemies and some friends (who show up from time to time) and he matures since he realizes why martial arts is so important and that he has been using it wrongly.


Han, Bi Kwang Han, Bi Kwang
Hwa-Rin, Dahm Hwa-Rin, Dahm

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