Synonyms ごくせん, Gangster Teacher

Released Dec 15, 1999


Action Comedy Slice of Life School Romance Josei

Author & Artist Morimoto, Kozueko

Rating 8.2 /10 by 4,674 users myanimelist

Views 31,048

Status157 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Fresh out of college, Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi becomes a math teacher at an all-boys high school. Unfortunately for her, she's assigned by the school board as the homeroom teacher for class 3-D, which happens to be the class of delinquent students. When the class attempts to make a living hell out of Yankumi's career, they fail as her persistence and aggression gain her respect. However, little does anyone in the school know that Yankumi is actually heir to the Kuroda Ikka—one of Tokyo's most powerful yakuza clans. (Source: ANN)


Yamaguchi, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Kumiko Sawada, Shin Sawada, Shin Ooshima, Kyotarou Ooshima, Kyotarou Fuji Fuji Uchiyama, Haruhiko Uchiyama, Haruhiko Noda, Takeshi Noda, Takeshi Minami, Youichi Minami, Youichi Kumai, Teruo Kumai, Teruo Tatsukawa, Minoru Tatsukawa, Minoru Shinohara, Tomoya Shinohara, Tomoya

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