Synonyms GANTZ, Gantz/Osaka

Released Jul 13, 2000


Action Drama Horror Supernatural Psychological Seinen Sci-Fi Ecchi

Author & Artist Oku, Hiroya

Rating 8.2 /10 by 64,184 users myanimelist

Views 71,036

Status386 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Thought your life was bad? Sometimes, death is worse. There is no salvation, peace, nor god waiting to receive you into their care. But wait, a god? Maybe you are talking about that big black ball stuck in the room with you. Now you are thrown into a game, fighting green aliens and robot monsters for the chance to survive. When Kei Kurono is killed, he thus finds himself caught in such a game; a test of his skills, morals and will to survive. His life is not his own, his death spat and trampled upon over and over again. What happens if he does not listen? God knows. A word of warning: Gantz is not for the faint-hearted, but neither is it as simple as it looks. Gore, rape and violence is rampant, as are portrayals of greed, violence, and all the ugliness that one sees in society today. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Kurono, Kei Kurono, Kei Nishi, Jouichirou Nishi, Jouichirou Shimohira, Reika Shimohira, Reika Katou, Masaru Katou, Masaru Kaze, Daizaemon Kaze, Daizaemon Izumi, Shion Izumi, Shion Sakurai, Hiroto Sakurai, Hiroto Kojima, Tae Kojima, Tae Kishimoto, Kei Kishimoto, Kei Sakuraoka, Sei Sakuraoka, Sei

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