Synonyms スミレ♡16歳!!, Sumire 16!!, Sumire Sixteen!!, Sumire Sixteen

Released May 10, 2006


Shounen Comedy School

Author(s) Nagayoshi, Takeru

Artist(s) Nagayoshi, Takeru

Rating 8.16 /10 by 1,794 users myanimelist

Views 929

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line The manga chronicles the days of Sumire, a lively 16-year-old girl. However, Sumire is not a common girl—she is a life-sized marionette, controlled by an old man in black clothes. Sumire seems unaware of her puppet nature, although the rest of the cast are very aware that she is a marionette, but they become more or less accustomed to her weird nature.


Old Man Old Man
Yotsuya, Sumire Yotsuya, Sumire

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