Koiseyo Sennen Neet

Synonyms 恋せよ千年ニート;

Released Jul 11, 2020


Fantasy Romance Yaoi

Author(s) Mizuhara, Zakuro


Views 846

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line After working unpaid overtime until both his body and soul are worn out, Hitachi Hayato nearly drowns in the sea but is miraculously saved by an unknown man…That man turns out to be the legendary Urashima Tarou, who has actually been living for a thousand years in Ryuuguujou… As Oto-hime’s gigolo!?!?At Oto-hime’s request, and in exchange for increasing his luck in finding a better job, Hayato is tasked with bringing Urashima back to land where he can live in the modern world.Hayato thinks he will be able to use Urashima’s romantic feelings as a way to easily drag the gigolo with him… But every time he tries, Urashima, who has no confidence in his ability to adapt to modern society, causes Hayato’s resolve to waver by doing indecent things to him!

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