Kengan Ashura

Synonyms ケンガンアシュラ

Released Apr 18, 2012


Action Martial Arts

Artist Daromeon

Author Sandrovich, Yabako

Rating 8.17 /10 by 2,577 users myanimelist

Views 5,599

Status330 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Since the Edo period of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Tokita Ouma, nicknamed "Ashura," joins these arenas and devastates his opponents. His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners, including the Nogi Group chairman, Nogi Hideki. (Source: MangaHelpers)


Tokita, Ouma Tokita, Ouma Yamashita, Kazuo Yamashita, Kazuo Kure, Karla Kure, Karla Imai, Cosmo Imai, Cosmo Sekibayashi, Jun Sekibayashi, Jun Kiryuu, Setsuna Kiryuu, Setsuna Robinson, Mokichi Robinson, Mokichi Wakatsuki, Takahashi Wakatsuki, Takahashi Dudley, Adam Dudley, Adam Hanafusa, Hajime Hanafusa, Hajime

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