Synonyms バガボンド

Released Mar 23, 1999


Action Adventure Drama Seinen Historical Samurai

Author & Artist Inoue, Takehiko

Author Yoshikawa, Eiji

Rating 8.99 /10 by 32,988 users myanimelist

Views 14,344

Status327 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line In 16th century Japan, Shinmen Takezou is a wild, rough young man, in both his appearance and his actions. His aggressive nature has won him the collective reproach and fear of his village, leading him and his best friend, Matahachi Honiden, to run away in search of something grander than provincial life. The pair enlist in the Toyotomi army, yearning for glory—but when the Toyotomi suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of the Tokugawa Clan at the Battle of Sekigahara, the friends barely make it out alive. After the two are separated, Shinmen returns home on a self-appointed mission to notify the Hon'iden family of Matahachi's survival. He instead finds himself a wanted criminal, framed for his friend's supposed murder based on his history of violence. Upon being captured, he is strung up on a tree and left to die. An itinerant monk, the distinguished Takuan Soho, takes pity on the "devil child," secretly freeing Shinmen and christening him with a new name to avoid pursuit by the authorities: Musashi Miyamoto. Vagabond is the fictitious retelling of the life of one of Japan's most renowned swordsmen, the "Sword Saint" Musashi Miyamoto—his rise from a swordsman with no desire other than to become "Invincible Under the Heavens" to an enlightened warrior who slowly learns of the importance of close friends, self-reflection, and life itself. [Written by MAL Rewrite] This series is on hiatus.


Miyamoto, Musashi Miyamoto, Musashi Sasaki, Kojirou Sasaki, Kojirou Honiden, Matahachi Honiden, Matahachi Takuan, Soho Takuan, Soho Shishido, Baiken Shishido, Baiken Otsu Otsu Kanemaki, Jisai Kanemaki, Jisai Yoshioka, Seijuro Yoshioka, Seijuro Inshun Inshun Itou, Ittousai Itou, Ittousai

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