I Am Their Catships' Catservant

Synonyms Boku wa onekosama no geboku desu ; I Am a Cat Servant ; I Am the Lord Cats' Manservant ; Ore wa Oneko-sama no Geboku desu ; 僕はお猫様の下僕です

Released Feb 21, 2020


Supernatural Shounen Comedy Slice of Life

Author Kitaguni Rato

Views 184

Status2 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Description :Izumi Yukiharu is a second-year high schooler. After suddenly losing his parents one day, the only thing he's inherited is a 50,000,000 yen debt?! Without a place to live, Yukiharu stumbles into a certain residential home . To repay the debt, he's designated as "their Catships' catservant"...?! The curtain raises on a somewhat peaceful, slapstick pampered cat comedy! [Note: this is a shounen title, it is not BL]


Chapter 2 02/13/2020
Chapter 1 02/13/2020