At The End Of The World, I Still Want To Be With You

Synonyms ShÌJiÈ MÒRÌ Yě YÀO HÉ Nǐ ZÀI Yīqǐ ; 世界末日也要和你在一起

Released Feb 21, 2020


Adventure Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi

Author Gene

Views 333

Status1 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Description :“Even if the world ended and you were the only woman left, I’d rather date this waiter!” Just as Nuowan said these words, the apocalypse hit!? When he wakes up, there’s a male waiter by his side… Senyu. And although Senyu’s survival skills are invaluable, he keeps kissing Nuowan out of nowhere! Is he a post-apocalyptic hero, or a kissing demon? Can the pampered young heir and the OP waiter peacefully live out their days at the end of the world?

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