This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage

Synonyms 이건 명백한 사기결혼이다

Released Jul 11, 2020


Romance Webtoons

Author Pear Juice

Views 421,313

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage manga summary: The Sophen country had been destroyed by the empire. The sole daughter of a count family, Leylin Efran, had to find a husband to be able to inherit her family. So she wouldn't have to suffer through loveless marriage, Leylin decided to find a husband to have a one-year contract marriage with. In the middle of her quest, a young and dashing man appeared before her. Leylin was convinced this is the right man for her, but is he truly the answer to Leylin's perilous situation?

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