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Akechi Keishi no Yuuga Naru Jikenbo

Synonyms 明智警視の優雅なる事件簿, Akechi Keishi no Yūga Naru Jikenbo, Supt.Akechi's Pretty Case Files, Super Akechi's Pretty Case Files, Superintendent Akechi's Pretty Case Files, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo - Akechi Files

Released Aug 13, 1997


Drama Mystery

Author(s) Kibayashi, Shin

Artist(s) Satou, Fumiya

Rating 7.34 / 57 vote(s)

Views 1,097


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Story Line Side story of the Young Kindaichi Case Files. The cases in this series are: 1. "File 1 Testimony Puzzle/Alternative title: The Murder Train" (FILE1 証言パズル, "Fairu Ichi Shōgen Pazuru"?) 2. "File 2 Killing Poker/Alternative title: Unlucky Men in the Rain" (FILE2 殺人ポーカー, "Fairu Ni Satsujin Pōkā"?) 3. "File 3 Dead Person's Checkmate/Alternative title: The Great Chess Player, Akechi" (FILE3 死者のチェックメイト, "Fairu San Shisha no Chekkumeito"?) 4. "File 4 Ghost Hotel Murder Case/Alternative title: The Encounter" (FILE 4 幽霊ホテル殺人事件, "Fairu Yon Yūrei Hoteru Satsujin Jiken"?) 5. "Special Story Supt.Akechi Morning's Pretty Scenery" (スペシャルストーリー明智警視 優雅なる朝の風景, "Supesharu Sutōrī Akechi Keishi Yūga Naru Asa no Fūkei"?) (Source: wikipedia)

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