Log Horizon

Synonyms ログ・ホライズン

Released Apr 13, 2010


Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Magic

Author Touno, Mamare

Artist Hara, Kazuhiro

Rating 8.22 /10 by 1,568 users myanimelist

Views 832

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line "Elder Tale" is a long-established and popular online game: but the day in which was introduced the 11th expansion pack, 30,000 Japanese users have been confined to the world of the game. In the world that is a fusion of reality and the game, our hero Shiroe begins his fight from the city of Akiba.


Shiroe Shiroe Nyanta Nyanta Naotsugu Naotsugu Akatsuki Akatsuki Kode, Rundellhous Kode, Rundellhous Krusty Krusty Tetora Tetora Corwen, Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen, Rayneshia El-Arte Serara Serara Seta, Soujirou Seta, Soujirou

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