The Ravages of Time

Synonyms 火鳳燎原, Huǒ Fèng Liáo Yuán

Released Jun 15, 2001


Action Adventure Military Historical

Author & Artist Chen, Mou

Rating 8.25 /10 by 906 users myanimelist

Views 2,496

Status536 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line The Ravages of Time is an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, showing the fortunes of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, the Sun family, and the Sima family. The Simas are a successful and rich merchant family, led by the young Sima Yi, who has shown a flair for spotting profitable business venture ever since a young age. The Sima family, however, possesses a sinister side as they command the Handicapped Warriors (殘兵) - a group of mercenary assassins reputed to be infallible. (Source Wikipedia)


Liaoyuan, Huo Liaoyuan, Huo Guo, Jia Guo, Jia Sima, Yi Sima, Yi Lü, Bu Lü, Bu Cao, Cao Cao, Cao Zhang, Fei Zhang, Fei Guan, Yu Guan, Yu Xun, Yu Xun, Yu Liu, Bei Liu, Bei Zhuge, Liang Zhuge, Liang

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