Medaka Box Gaiden: Good Loser Kumagawa

Synonyms めだかボックス外伝 グッドルーザー球磨川, Suisou ni Ugomeku nou Darake, Suisou Kanri no Tsukutsuwanku, Wriggling in the Suisou Riddled Brain, The Zugzwang of Suisou Management

Released Oct 10, 2012


Shounen School

Author Nisio, Isin

Artist Akatsuki, Akira

Rating 8.26 /10 by 747 users myanimelist

Views 390

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Good Loser Kumagawa takes place two months before Kumagawa transfers to Hakoniwa Academy, and details his time at Suisou Academy. This is the story of Kumagawa's one month-long battle with Saki Sukinasaki, a battle that ended with the closure of Suisou Academy and no winner. (Source: Medaka Box Wiki)


Kumagawa, Misogi Kumagawa, Misogi Sukinasaki, Saki Sukinasaki, Saki Kushi, Yakeishi Kushi, Yakeishi Ajimu, Najimi Ajimu, Najimi Utsubo, Mei Utsubo, Mei Kakuremino, Sunde Kakuremino, Sunde Kakuremino, Sumi Kakuremino, Sumi Kejukuri, Tou Kejukuri, Tou Teppou, Uchi Teppou, Uchi Jakago, Aki Jakago, Aki

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