GTO: Shonan 14 Days

Synonyms GTO SHONAN 14DAYS, Great Teacher Onizuka: Shonan 14 Days, Black Diamond

Released Jun 10, 2009


Action Drama Shounen Comedy Ecchi

Author & Artist Fujisawa, Tohru

Rating 8.26 /10 by 6,822 users myanimelist

Views 4,638

Status76 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line This is a spin-off story of the manga GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) that takes place directly after the Teshigawara arc. After Eikichi Onizuka was shot by former teacher Teshigawara, he was sent to the hospital. Shortly afterwards, he escaped and spent 14 days that no one knew about. Strangely enough, when he returned, a wanted poster appeared with a man that resembled Onizuka. What exactly did he do during these 14 days? (Source: MU)