Synonyms エマ, Emma Bangaihen, Emma Bangai-hen, Emma Further Tales, Victorian Romance Emma

Released Dec 12, 2001


Seinen Historical Slice of Life Romance

Author & Artist Mori, Kaoru

Rating 8.26 /10 by 6,656 users myanimelist

Views 4,161

Status44 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line It's the turn of the 20th century, and Victorian era England plays host to a poignant and emotional saga of love between two individuals of thoroughly different societal standing. Working class maid Emma and wealthy aristocrat William Jones find themselves falling for one another despite their allotted positions in life, and it is their persistent efforts to traverse the dangerous minefields of wealth, power, and staunch tradition, that provides the gripping emotional drama of Kaoru Mori's Emma. The rigid social structures of the time and the disapproving elite, including but not limited to William's own family, seek to keep the lovestruck pair apart due to their heavy condemnation of this breach of proper conduct. But despite their best attempts to resist one another, William and Emma's relationship deepens, and their feelings for one another prove to be stronger than the harshest of judgments. From the author of the acclaimed series Otoyomegatari, comes this impassioned tour de force of two individuals who strive to never give up on their love. But will William and Emma's relationship fall prey to the slew of unforeseen ordeals that rise up to challenge it, or will they get their happy ending after all? [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Emma Emma Jones, William Jones, William Atawari, Hakim Atawari, Hakim Hans Hans Molders, Dorothea Molders, Dorothea Stownar, Kelly Stownar, Kelly Jones, Collin Jones, Collin Campbell, Eleanor Campbell, Eleanor Adèle Adèle Jones, Arthur Jones, Arthur

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