Futatsu no Spica

Synonyms ふたつのスピカ

Released Jun 05, 2000


Drama Supernatural Fantasy Seinen Slice of Life Sci-Fi

Author & Artist Yaginuma, Kou

Rating 8.29 /10 by 747 users myanimelist

Views 1,307

Status36 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line In a Tokyo of the not-too-distant future a young girl looks up to the stars with melancholy in her heart and hope in her eyes. Thirteen-year-old Asumi Kamogawa's life has been tied to those stars; her future may very well be among them. And she is not alone... Asumi is one of many young people with ambitions to some day head off to space for Japan's first manned mission. Before liftoff, like any true astronaut she must show the right stuff and overcome odds to pass numerous physical and mental trials if she even wants to be considered in the running for a rare spot in the elite Tokyo Space School. (Source: Vertical)


Lion-san Lion-san Kamogawa, Asumi Kamogawa, Asumi Ukita, Marika Ukita, Marika Oumi, Kei Oumi, Kei Suzuki, Shuu Suzuki, Shuu Fuchuuya, Shinnosuke Fuchuuya, Shinnosuke Kamogawa, Kyouko Kamogawa, Kyouko Suzunari, Yuuko Suzunari, Yuuko Tokushima, Mikan Tokushima, Mikan Yamamoto Yamamoto

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