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Oneesan wa Tsuyoi kara

Synonyms お姉さんは強いから, Date no Oshiki Kaeri Michi, I'm Cosplaying, Cosplay Right Now!, Futari no Hitori, Hitori no Futari, Otonari-san no Omocha, Sensei no Okonomi, Osananajimi, Only a Taste for Onee-chan, A Talk with the Banchou, Onee-san wa Tsuyoi kara

Released Dec 02, 2011



Author(s) Akaume

Rating 6.6 / 45 vote(s)

Views 175


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Story Line 1. Date no Oshiki Kaeri Michi 2. Cosplay Shiteru (I'm Cosplaying) 3. Cosplay Shinasai (Cosplay Right Now!) 4. Futari no Hitori 5. Hitori no Futari 6. Otonari-san no Omocha 7. Sensei no Okonomi 8. Osananajimi 9. Onee-chan ni wa Aijimi dake (Only a Taste for Onee-chan) 10. Banchou no Ohanashi (A Talk with the Banchou)

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