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Kimi ga Tame Kokoro-gesou

Synonyms 君がため心化粧, Kimigatame Kokoro-gesou, Tennen Jyoyuu! Hikawa-san, Magic Interpretation, Magical Customize, Exclusive Blend, A World for You Only, Okuchi ni♥Koibito, Don't Say You've Got Me Until You Really Do!, Our Perfume, A Great Discovery Regarding Genital

Released Aug 17, 2010



Author(s) Thomas

Rating 6.64 / 47 vote(s)

Views 137


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Story Line 1. Make Up for You 2. Tennen Jyoyuu! Hikawa-san 3. Magic Interpretation 4. Magical Customize 5. Harukaze Uraraka 6. Exclusive Blend 7. Anata dake no Sekai (A World for You Only) 8. Okuchi ni♥Koibito 9. Toranu Watashi no Kawa Zanyou! (Don't Say You've Got Me Until You Really Do!) 10. Taisho Jochuu Funtouki! 11. Futari no Perfume. (Our Perfume) 12. Seiki no Daihakken! (A Great Discovery Regarding Genitals!)

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