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Knee-Socks Shoujo de ○○○

Synonyms ニーソ少女で○○○, Senpai's Secret Nectar, She's Up to Her Neck with Him!, Crazy About Her Smell!, Ani-Mania, Twin Disguise, Onee-chan's Beloved, Chairman's Opposite, Yua Love, Yuzuha-san's First, Sibling Fantasy

Released Jul 05, 2007



Author(s) Arsenal

Rating 6.66 / 158 vote(s)

Views 557


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Story Line 1. Senpai no Himitsu no xx 2. Kanojo wa Kawa ni Kubittake! 3. Kanojo no Nioi ni Kubittake! 4. Ani Mania 5. Imouto to Omoi 6. Turn Trouble 7. Twin Disguise 8. Oneechan no Daisuki na 9. Kaichou no Uraomote 10. Yua Trap 11. Yuzuha-san no Hajimete no♥

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