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Synonyms コスランブル, Twins☆Scramble, Dokusenteki Costume, Momoiro♥Flight Attendant, Hajirai Open Girl, Okusama wa Koibito-mitai ni, Okusama to Ofuroasobi, Kanojo ga Kami wo Hodoitara, Cheerful T.U.O., Love Letter from HP

Released Apr 17, 2012



Author(s) Kima-gray

Rating 6.67 / 67 vote(s)

Views 214


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Story Line 1-3. Twins☆Scramble 4. Dokusenteki Costume 5. Momoiro♥Flight Attendant 6. Hajirai Open Girl 7. Okusama wa Koibito-mitai ni 8. Okusama to Ofuroasobi 9. Kanojo ga Kami wo Hodoitara 10. Cheerful T.U.O. 11. Love Letter from HP (Love Letter from Hot Pants)

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