Synonyms 婚約生, Sayonarakakushi

Released Mar 05, 2015


School Shoujo

Author & Artist Iwa, Chika

Rating 7.51 /10 by 667 users myanimelist

Views 915

Status19 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Sachi Hanaoka has just lost her parents to a traffic accident and her fear of living alone becomes reality. To add on to her troubles, Kouichi Saonji, the young landlord of her apartment, approaches her and requests that she prepare to vacate since she is now be unable to pay rent. Alternatively, Kouichi proposes a solution: he and Sachi will get married and she will act as his caretaker. Not only will her expenses be covered, but it would also serve as a method to quell his family's nagging for him to find a wife. Despite the lack of genuine feelings between them, Sachi finds herself drawn to Kouichi and accepts his offer. But will the newly wed couple be able to fall in love, or will they remain strangers forever? [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shot: Volume 2: Sayonarakakushi