Synonyms 刀語

Released Jan 09, 2007


Action Adventure Comedy Samurai Romance

Author Nisio, Isin

Artist Take

Rating 8.33 /10 by 335 users myanimelist

Views 3,749

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Long ago the masterful swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki crafted 1000 blades, though his twelve final works, the legendary deviant blades were prime among the rest. All with uniquely defined traits, these swords are among the greatest in Japan. Leap forward many decades and arrive at an isolated island, where Yasuri Shichika and his older sister Nanami reside. Togame: A woman with long, white hair and the talent as a strategist begins a quest with Shichika in order to collect the twelve blades. They must face the blade wielders in intense battles while they learn more about themselves and their real goals and wishes. Shichika has yet to realize what he really inherits as a Kyoutoryuu sword...


Yasuri, Shichika Yasuri, Shichika Togame Togame Yasuri, Nanami Yasuri, Nanami Hitei Hitei Souda, Emonzaemon Souda, Emonzaemon Higaki, Rinne Higaki, Rinne Tsuruga, Meisai Tsuruga, Meisai Maniwa, Pengin Maniwa, Pengin Maniwa, Houou Maniwa, Houou Kiguchi, Zanki Kiguchi, Zanki

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