Item Cheat na Dorei Harem Kenkokuki

Synonyms アイテムチートな奴隷ハーレム建国記

Released Mar 01, 2016


Action Supernatural Fantasy Romance Harem

Author Nekomata, Nuko

Artist Natsu, Natsuna

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Views 636

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line High school student Rindou Shouma was summoned to the other world, Astral, where duels called "Oracle Game" decide everything. However, the rules of the card game were exactly the same as a card game Shouma was already good at! At that point, undefeated Shouma decided to create his own paradise full of liberated slaves. Creating a harem kingdom with the power of cards, this is the independence of a slave harem with item-cheating! (Source: Hobby Japan)

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