Mitou Shoukan://Blood Sign

Synonyms 未踏召喚://ブラッドサイン

Released Sep 10, 2014


Supernatural Fantasy Comedy Magic

Author Kamachi, Kazuma

Artist Ikawa, Waki

Rating 8.4 /10 by 236 users myanimelist

Views 1,067

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Summoning ceremonies can freely call forth even "those which lurk in the depths beyond the gods". One boy has top-level abilities even among the cutting-edge summoners who can use those ceremonies. He is Alice (with) Rabbit aka Shiroyama Kyousuke. But this strongest boy summoner has a single fatal weakness. Certain "cursed words" spoken by girls: "Help me." When Kyousuke hears those words from Meinokawa Higan, a girl brought to the verge of death, he throws himself into a city where three great summoner forces clash! (Source: Baka-Tsuki)


Shiroyama, Kyousuke Shiroyama, Kyousuke Shiroki Joou Shiroki Joou Shiroyama, Biondetta Shiroyama, Biondetta Meinokawa, Aoi Meinokawa, Aoi Niang-Lan, Lu Niang-Lan, Lu Meinokawa, Higan Meinokawa, Higan Divinesmith, Alberto S. Divinesmith, Alberto S. Aika Aika Meinokawa, Renge Meinokawa, Renge Isabelle Isabelle

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