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Real/Fake Princess

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Synonyms undefined, Real Fake Princess

Released Jan 01, 2002


Drama Historical Romance Shoujo

Author(s) Yi, Huan

Rating 7.56 / 709 vote(s)

Views 1,800


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Story Line The story begins during the Sung Dynasty of ancient China. The country is in great chaos due to the infamous Jin Kang Rebellion. Fearing the possible destruction that is sure to ensue, Concubine Liu tearfully entrusts the care of her baby daughter, Princess Yi Fu, to a common citizen named Tang Hui. Tang Hui immediately escapes with the princess to the south. And so, Princess Yi Fu's whereabouts become a mystery.... Now, ten years later, the Tang have returned to power and the great family wishes for all exiled family members to return. But Zi Li is happy with her life. She knows that returning means giving up her love; for a peasant could never court a princess…. And courtship between a princess and a palace warrior is equally frowned upon. But that does little to quell the fire that burns inside Zhong Lu—a famed warrior charged with the task of finding and restoring the princess to the throne. (Source: DrMaster)

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