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Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou

Synonyms 異世界迷宮の最深部を目指そう

Released Jul 24, 2014


Adventure Fantasy

Author(s) Warinai, Tarisa

Artist(s) Ukai, Saki

Rating 7.62 / 40 vote(s)

Views 623


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Story Line "I'll absolutely save you. Hence I will–!!" Aikawa Kanami awakes in a corridor he has no recollection of, the wound he received from a goblin is cured by a pretty girl called Lastiara, and he learns that he's in a different world that's exceedingly similar to a game. Kanami makes into his weapon the hearty welcomed status and skills, and with a pretty girl Dia plunges forward towards the deepest part of the labyrinth that's rumoured to "grant any wish"–. This is a story of a boy who exposes the deepest part (truth) of the labyrinth and fulfills a wish. (Source: Heart Crusade Scans)

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