Synonyms 恋心♥キョウメイ中

Released Nov 30, -0001


School Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Shiumi, Saki

Rating 7.62 /10 by 70 users myanimelist

Views 174

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Ritsuka and Kaze-kun are currently lovey dovey, but Aizawa-sensei who is extremely beautiful and has the perfect body just started working. Is Kaze-kun also excited over sensei’s enormous breasts? With the appearance of a rival, Ritsuka is in a bind! I want to be my prettiest when I am in senpai’s field of vision... Hayashi, Ritsuka’s friend is the main character in the extra story. This is an extremely happy compilation volume to the Koigokoro series!! (Source: Chibi Manga)

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