Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy

Synonyms とある科学の超電磁砲外伝 アストラル・バディ

Released Apr 27, 2017


School Sci-Fi

Author Kamachi, Kazuma

Artist Nogi, Yasuhito

Rating 7.63 /10 by 168 users myanimelist

Views 2,159

Status31 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line A spin-off story centred around Hokaze Junko, the second-in-command of Shokuhou Misaki's faction. Hokaze meets a ghost after helping Shirai Kuroko and the two eventually become friends.


Hokaze, Junko Hokaze, Junko Shirai, Kuroko Shirai, Kuroko Saten, Ruiko Saten, Ruiko Shokuhou, Misaki Shokuhou, Misaki Uiharu, Kazari Uiharu, Kazari Kihara, Noukan Kihara, Noukan Nokleben, Keitz Nokleben, Keitz

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