Ne Ne Ne

Synonyms ねねね, Nen Ne no Ne, Nenene

Released Jul 12, 2016


Supernatural Shounen Comedy Slice of Life Romance

Artist Hagiwara, Daisuke

Author Otousan

Rating 7.63 /10 by 2,737 users myanimelist

Views 1,237

Status7 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Married off to a man more than twenty years her senior, Koyuki has no idea what her new life has in store for her. She's so in the dark, in fact, that she hasn't even seen her husband's face! But Koyuki isn't alone in fumbling through the intricacies of wedded bliss. Mask-donning Shin might have many years on his young wife, but as it turns out, he's just as naïve as she is! Will this pair of innocents ever get past their awkwardness (and the age gap)?! (Source: Yen Press)