Houshin Engi

Synonyms 封神演義, Soul Hunter, Senkai-den Houshin Engi

Released Jun 11, 1996


Adventure Demons Supernatural Fantasy Shounen

Author & Artist Fujisaki, Ryuu

Rating 7.63 /10 by 2,089 users myanimelist

Views 2,023

Status207 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line When his clan is wiped out by a beautiful demon, young Taikobo finds himself in charge of the mysterious Houshin Project. Its mission: find all immortals living in the human world and seal them away forever. But who do you trust—and whose side are you really on—when you've been trained to hunt demons by a demon? (Source: VIZ Media)


Taikoubou Taikoubou Dakki Dakki Li, Nataku Li, Nataku Shinkohyou Shinkohyou Bunchuu Bunchuu Youzen Youzen Sibuxiang Sibuxiang Kou, Tenka Kou, Tenka Chou Kou Mei Chou Kou Mei Ou Tenkun Ou Tenkun

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