Makai Senki Disgaea 2

Synonyms 魔界戦記ディスガイア2

Released Jan 01, 2006


Adventure Fantasy Seinen Comedy Romance

Author & Artist Hekaton

Rating 7.63 /10 by 461 users myanimelist

Views 656

Status19 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Adell is the lone human being in a world of humans-turned-demons, made by Overlord Zenon. It's Adell's task—and burden—to defeat Zenon and restore his friends and family to their normal selves. But summoning an Overlord is not easy. When Adell tries to call Zenon, he ends up with his daughter, Rozalin. Now, bound by contract, Adell promises to take Rozalin back to her father. However, it will take much more than blind courage to defeat her all-powerful father and save the world. (Source: Broccoli Books)


Laharl Laharl Etna Etna Flonne Flonne Adell Adell Rozalin Rozalin Prinny Prinny Pleinair Pleinair Axel Axel Hanako Hanako Taro Taro

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