Daisy: 3.11 Joshikousei-tachi no Sentaku

Synonyms デイジー ~3.11 女子高生たちの選択~, Joshikouseitachi no Sentaku

Released Oct 24, 2012


Drama School Romance Shoujo

Artist Momochi, Reiko

Rating 7.64 /10 by 150 users myanimelist

Views 90

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line The manga, based on the novel Pierrot ~Yoake Mae~ by Teruhiro Kobayashi, Darai Kusanagi, and Tomoji Nobuta, tells the story of four friends at a girl's high school in Fukushima Prefecture that is feared to have been radioactively contaminated. One of the four committed suicide a month after her college student fiancee told her that he was afraid of having a child with her because he did not want an unhealthy child. The story will deal with subjects such as the fear of radiation and the guilt felt by inhabitants who took refuge in other prefectures.

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