Seiheikyuu EX

Synonyms 地平球EX, Flat Earth Exchange, Seiheikyuu Exchange

Released Jan 01, 1992



Author(s) Nigoshi, Toshimi

Artist(s) Nigoshi, Toshimi

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Views 552

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line In a world where humans and androids co-exist, the human population is rapidly declining. As part of a plan to help preserve the species, High School student Kotaro Shiga is placed into a state of suspended animation. Waking up a century later, he finds a very changed world where androids are in charge and humans are very scarce. The Androids, whose memories only extend back 22 years, have rewritten history and believe it is they who created humans. With the help of an exiled human prince and an android distressed by his own limited memory, Kotaro is out to awaken his fellow "sleepers" and teach the world its true history. (Source: CMX)

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