Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut - Hakanaki Toki no Lion

Synonyms テイルズ オブ デスティニー ディレクターズカット -儚き刻〈とき〉のリオン-

Released Dec 27, 2007


Action Fantasy Seinen

Author Bandai-Namco

Author & Artist Kasukabe, Akira

Rating 7.65 /10 by 60 users myanimelist

Views 173

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Focusing on the (most prominent) anti-hero of the original storyline, this manga is an incarnation of the recent game "Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut," which came with the ability to play as Leon Magnus. Now we will follow his story and find out what drove him to do what he did and the reason why. The story of love, pain and betrayal unravels and the wheel of destiny turns once more... (Source: Wings of an Angel)


Magnus, Lion Magnus, Lion Aileron, Stahn Aileron, Stahn Kartret, Rutee Kartret, Rutee Philis, Philia Philis, Philia Kelvin, Woodrow Kelvin, Woodrow Agent, Mary Agent, Mary Chaltier Chaltier Tone, Chelsea Tone, Chelsea Shiden, Johnny Shiden, Johnny Minarde, Igtenos Minarde, Igtenos

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