Synonyms キン肉マン, Kinniku-Man, Muscleman, Muscule Man, Musculman

Released May 15, 1979


Action Shounen Comedy Sports

Author & Artist Yudetamago

Rating 7.65 /10 by 573 users myanimelist

Views 887

Status705 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Kinnikuman (a.k.a. Kinniku Suguru) is a cowardly, clumsy, moronic, gyuudon-devouring excuse for a superhero (or Choujin)... who just happens to be the prince of an alien planet. But despite his pathetic appearance, he is very honorable and can become quite powerful when he needs to be. With his sidekick Meat-kun and fellow Choujin's Terryman and Ramenman there to help him, Suguru quests to become the greatest Choujin on the planet. Whether with a combination of tremendous heart and stamina (The Burning Inner Strength) or the "Power of Friendship," Kinnikuman frequently defeats villians 10 times more powerful than him and often causes his enemies to have a change of heart and join him. Though he seems destined to be an idiot forever, slowly but surely Kinnikuman becomes worthy of the title "Hero." Note: Between volumes 36 and 37 publication there's 22 years gap. From volume 38 onwards starts restarted in 2011 version.