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Missing: Kamikakushi no Monogatari

Synonyms Missing 神隠しの物語

Released Jul 10, 2001


Drama Horror Supernatural Fantasy Mystery School life

Author(s) Kouda, Gakuto

Artist(s) Midorikawa, Shin

Rating 7.66 / 41 vote(s)

Views 234


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Story Line Kyouichi Utsume, a.k.a. "His Majesty, Lord of Darkness," is a dark and compelling mystery—so much so that his fellow Literature Club members would rather discuss him than books! When "His Majesty" vanishes in front of their very eyes, his friends are left with several unanswered questions: what is the source of Kyouichi's long-standing obsession with the "other side"? And just who is Ayame—the eerily ghostlike girl Kyouichi brought to school as his girlfriend the day before he disappeared? (Source: Tokyopop)

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Utsume, Kyouichi Utsume, Kyouichi
Kidono, Aki Kidono, Aki
Murakami, Toshiya Murakami, Toshiya

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