Tsubasa to Hotaru

Synonyms つばさとホタル, Tsubasa and Hotaru, Stardust★Wink Bangai-hen: Sekai de Ichiban Semai Hoshi

Released Aug 03, 2013


Comedy School Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Haruta, Nana

Rating 7.67 /10 by 2,235 users myanimelist

Views 996

Status43 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Tsubasa to Hotaru follows 15-year-old Tsubasa Sonokawa, a young student—and a renowned stalker? After one very romantic gesture by a popular upperclassman, she falls head over heels for who she believes to be her one true love. Unfortunately, love can be deceiving, as her feelings are soon proven to be one-sided; the upperclassman directly tells her that she's annoying and that she needs to stop bothering him. How's that for some tough love? Shortly after this horrific heartbreak, her good friend Yuri suffers from a sprained wrist, making it impossible for her to continue her position as the basketball team's manager. After some coaxing on Yuri's part, Tsubasa decides to take on the role in her place. This may be the perfect opportunity for Tsubasa to move on and forget about her unrequited love. On Tsubasa's first day as a manager, the team's shooting guard Aki Hidaka saves her from being hit by a ball. Is this another fateful encounter? Or just a random, meaningless event? One thing is for certain: Tsubasa's days will never be the same again. Included one-shot: Volume 1: Stardust★Wink Bangai-hen: Sekai de Ichiban Semai Hoshi


Hidaka, Aki Hidaka, Aki Toba, Yuuma Toba, Yuuma Sonokawa, Tsubasa Sonokawa, Tsubasa Sugiyama Sugiyama Yuri Yuri Karasuma, Yoshinari Karasuma, Yoshinari Hachiya Hachiya

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