Mujuuryoku Shounen

Synonyms 無重力少年, Anti-Gravity Boy, Mujuryoku Shounen, H²Love, H2 Love

Released Jan 01, 2002


Action Adventure Comedy Super Power Romance Shoujo Magic

Author & Artist Azuki, Ryou

Rating 7.69 /10 by 1,504 users myanimelist

Views 927

Status15 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line There's something mysterious happening at the old school building. People say it's haunted, but Fuuko knows better, and she has the pictures to prove it! It's Fuuko's first year at high school, and a classmate has caught her eye. Maybe it's because he's cute and mysterious -- or maybe it's because she's seen him walk up walls! Fuuko will do what it takes to get close to Ruka, but at what cost to herself? (Source: Ephemeral-Dreams) Included one-shot: Volume 3: H²Love